Class 3 – Year 3 / Year 4

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Class 3 – Year 3 / Year 4


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This half term, we are focussing on honesty  as part of our values learning.

In this lesson, we worked in groups to discuss different scenarios and decide whether or not they demonstrated honesty.



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Meet Jacob and Sam – they are finding out which household objects conduct electricity.

Circuit Games & Activities


Different Faiths

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In RE we have been doing a lot of talking about big questions. What is faith? What would we do if we were God? This week we are looking at what children from three world faiths do in order to express their faith.


Nathan describes what it is like for him to be an Acolyte in his church, an Anglican congregation in Liverpool. At church Nathan helps with tasks during the service. His special robe, an Alb, is white and he wears it during services with a rope girdle.


Simran, 14, introduces herself: she likes music, photography, food and playing with her brother Vraj, who’s 11. He likes taekwondo. They show us some of their hobbies and interests. They explain their vegetarian way of life and connect it to Hindu beliefs. This belief is all connected up: the one ultimate truth, Brahman, is understood in different ways through the many gods and goddesses of Hindu dharma (means ‘way of life’). They give a picture of their young lives, including what it means to them to be part of their faith community in Britain today.


11 year old Sara is a Muslim from London. She uses a personal camera to introduce us to her life, family and Muslim faith: she loves her guinea pig, her ambition is to be a fashion designer, and her religion is Islam. She is fasting, going without food, at the moment, because it is the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. At her age she wants to get ready to fast for the whole month in the future.

Charlie, 11, introduces himself and his Jewish life. What matters to him? Food, sport, football, tennis, cycling, family, being Jewish – and shoes! The opening clip in this 30 minute programme shows Charlie’s rather interesting range of answers to the ‘what matters to you?’ question, and introduces him.

Simran, aged 11, introduces her family and her faith. She likes to read, and play the euphonium. Her favourite things are music and books. Her little brother is someone between mucking about and being a little angel. Her dog Tyson is not bothered to do as she asks. She tells us that she is proud to be a Sikh because all the Sikhs are like a brotherhood and sisterhood, so it is a blessing to learn that Sikhs are to serve one another and all humanity.




We are scientists! Today we learned about electrical components…

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Electrical Components from Haggonfields Primary School on Vimeo.


If you could be ‘God’ for a day, what would YOU do…?

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If you were God for the day… from Haggonfields Primary School on Vimeo.


Victorian Christmas Extravaganza!

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Victorian Christmas – Act 1 from Haggonfields Primary School on Vimeo.


Welcome Back!

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chimney sweep
I am the first to admit that it is a little strange at Haggonfields without some of the faces we said goodbye to in July, but of course here in Class 3, it is Mrs Ginever who is missing. On the up side, it means that I get an opportunity to do some real proper teaching for a while. This is very exciting for me, and I hope the Class will enjoy what is on offer over the coming weeks.

For the next half term, my sole purpose is to convince the class that they have never had it so good. We will look at how their lives could have turned out if they had happened to have been born during the reign of Queen Victoria. They will learn how the children of the Victorian era spent their time. We will be taking them into a coal mine (that is happening on Friday 16th September) so that they get a first hand feel for how the child miners might have had to work a hundred years ago. Whilst our work on Victorian Britain will conclude after six weeks, we will revisit this work in December when we enjoy a Victorian Christmas at Newstead Abbey (06/12/16).

I am personally VERY excited about what is in store for us, and I know that Miss Blakey is too. Miss Blakey will be joining us in a few weeks from now – something we are looking forward to.

Mr Huxley



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Welcome Back

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I hope you’ve enjoyed your two weeks off and are ready to get back into school! 🙂

Today we started our PSHE topic about our feelings.

We talked about when we (or when our little brothers or sisters) were scared or uncomfortable.

These are a few pictures – can you tell what they were afraid of?IMG_0766